Motor Skills: A-Z Truck Coloring Book

Motor Skills: A-Z Truck Coloring Book

Do your children love trucks, construction equipment, and large vehicles? – Then Motor Skills A-Z Truck Coloring Book is for you. Perfect for boys and girls, ages 2 though 8.

Motor Skills: A-Z Truck Coloring Book
The Motor part makes the young truck enthusiasts happy. The Skills part makes the parents happy.
Everybody wins!

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Motor Skills: A-Z Truck Coloring Book: Alphabet vehicle coloring book for kids early elementary, preschoolers, toddlers – activity book – fun for kids ages 2-4, 4-8, Vol 1

Motor Skills: A-Z Truck Coloring Book features a vehicle for each letter of the alphabet, a road for your children to enjoy “driving,” a version of each vehicle to trace, and a creative space to drawtheir own vehicle. Each “Driving Skills” section is designed to train their muscles by making the basic shapes involved in writing letters. Workbook-adverse students will have so much fun; they may never notice they’re learning. Coloring, “driving,” tracing, and drawing are all excellent ways to develop the fine motor skills necessary to make handwriting easier.

Each drawing is of the highest quality with thick lines to stay within so younger children will build coloring confidence, and each page is printed on only one side to prevent marker bleed-through from ruining the next picture.

Two special bonus pages of “Master Driving Skills” lead your child through cursive roads as they “drive” between mountains and rivers and stop to pick up friends.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

Age specifications:

  • Coloring books for toddlers
  • Coloring books for preschoolers
  • Coloring books for kids ages 2-4
  • Coloring books for kids ages 4-8

52 pages of content.


About the Authors

Lisa Blore is a homeschooling momma, who is tired of hearing about boys being “allergic” to handwriting. Erick Blore (MS Ed.) is a vehicle drawing dad, passionate about education. Together they developed this coloring book to make fine motor skills fun.

We hope you will enjoy our coloring book.

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