Multifunction Hatchet 11 in 1 Tool

$53.95 $29.95


Multifunction Hatchet 11 in 1 Tool

$53.95 $29.95


Multi-tools are handy, the multi-tool hatchet is great for camping, fishing, backpacking, or just around the house. For the person who always likes to be prepared.

Ever wonder when the first multi-tool was invented? We don’t know for sure, but a Roman one has been discovered dating from around 200-300 A.D, and it looks remarkable similar to the kind of thing we use today. For another picture of early multi-tool check out this link.

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Weight: 14.28oz / 405g

Size: 3.54in x 7.09in / 9cm x 18 cm

Material: 2cr13 stainless steel, wooden handle, reinforced pvc case


Hammer Axe MultitoolHammer Axe Multitool

Additional information


Pocket, Multi Tools


Multi-functional Axe


Multifunctional tool

Application Scenarios

outdoor, camping, hiking, house maintenance, car safety


14.28oz / 405g


3.54in x 7.09in / 9cm x 18cm


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