Herkimer Diamonds: Nothing Wrong with Being Brilliant and Beautiful

Someone once said “There is nothing wrong with being brilliant and beautiful.”  While many smart women struggle with this, Herkimer Diamonds combine these qualities with ease.  Herkimers are quartz crystals that, because of the environment they grow in, form with a beautiful, naturally 18 faceted shape and two end points rather than one.  These crystals were first discovered by the Mohawk Indians native to the Herkimer County area.  Indicative of the value they placed on them, the Iroquoian name for the Mohawk tribe was Kanienkehaka which is believed to be translated “people of the crystal.”  Early settlers may have mistaken these stones for diamonds because of their clarity and refractive brilliance, and this is thought to be how they became known as “diamonds.”  Similar doubly terminated quartz crystals have been found in a few other locations, such as Afghanistan and China, but only the ones from the Herkimer County area of New York can rightfully be called “Herkimer Diamonds”.

I have purchased a small quantity of these Herkimer Diamond directly from a mine in Herkimer County, NY and have put together a collection of jewelry designs that complement the unique shape of each crystal for you this holiday season.

I have named each piece in this collection after a brilliant woman who I thought the piece seemed to fit.  You can read more about each woman on the product page. I hope you enjoy my collection of the beautiful and the brilliant.

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Brilliant and Beautiful Collection

Here is some more info on Herkimer Diamonds:

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